Job Opportunities

Explore job opportunities available at area furniture manufacturers.


Handles large rolls of decorative upholstery fabric, positions patterns and cuts the parts that will eventually be sewn into larger components or adhered to the wood frame. Typically requires the use of both manual scissors and powered cutting tools. However, in some factories this task may be partially or entirely automated, requiring keyboard skills, proficiency in cutting system software and the ability to set up, operate and tend high-tech machinery.

Sewing Operator

Operates a powered industrial sewing machine to join together cut parts of upholstery fabric. Requires constant use of arms, hands and fingers. May require the use of special attachments and sewing techniques to create specific style modifications, and may require the precise matching of pattern details. Your skills are essential to making all the remaining components of upholstered furniture come together properly.

Frame Assembler

Assembles pre-cut wood parts to create a furniture frame. Uses manual and powered tools to glue and staple parts together. Requires strong arms and hands, along with a careful eye and attention to detail. You are the important first step in the process of assembling a finished piece of furniture.

Inside Upholsterer

Adds foam and padding to the frame to form the seat back, the arms and the outside shape of the furniture. Materials may include loose fiber stuffing, cotton, felt or foam padding. Uses both manual and powered tools to smooth the materials and secure them into place. Requires constant use of arms, hands and fingers, along with a keen eye for detail. Your work is what gives a finished piece of upholstered furniture its unique shape.

Outside Upholsterer/ Trimmer

Takes pre-cut and sometimes partially assembled pieces of upholstery fabric and attaches them to the frame. This may involve matching patterns and also may include attaching buttons, decorative nail heads, tacks or other ornamental trim. Using mostly a powered staple gun and smaller hand tools, this work requires precise and skillful use of hands and fingers. Your work adds all the final details and completes a piece of upholstered furniture.

Fabric Puller/Handler

This job varies by company but is likely to include receiving fabric rolls from various suppliers and entering these into a computerized inventory system, then transporting them to the correct storage location. Also likely to include identifying the correct fabric rolls to be pulled for the day's production schedule and transporting fabric to the cutting department. May also include inspecting rolls for defects or inconsistencies.