Inside Upholsterer

Adds foam and padding to the frame to form the seat back, the arms and the outside shape of the furniture. Materials may include loose fiber stuffing, cotton, felt or foam padding. Uses both manual and powered tools to smooth the materials and secure them into place. Requires constant use of arms, hands and fingers, along with a keen eye for detail. Your work is what gives a finished piece of upholstered furniture its unique shape.

Education Required

Most companies require a high school diploma or equivalent. Check with human resources personnel at individual companies for education requirements.

6 Companies Hiring

Chaddock / Morgantown, NC

Craftmaster Furniture / Taylorsville, NC

Franklin Corporation / Houston, MS

Jonathan Louis / Los Angeles, CA

Paul Robert, Inc. / Taylorsville, NC

Stickley Furniture / Archdale, NC

What does an Inside Upholsterer do?

Adds foam and paddling to the frame.
Forms the seat back, arms and outside shape of the furniture.
Uses manual and powered tools to smooth materials and secure them in place.
Requires ability to stand, walk, stoop and bend.
Could require lifting up to 75 pounds, carrying up to 40 pounds and sliding up to 200 pounds.
Requires ability to communicate effectively with co-workers.

What skills and abilities will I need?

Read work orders
Apply knowledge and experience with materials to determine types of materials required to cover workpieces
Pass a drug test, background check and E-verify screening

How much training will I need?

Manufacturing training requirements vary. Some manufacturers offer on the job training. Or, you can check with your local community college for training programs.

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7 companies hiring

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