Fabric Puller/Handler

This job varies by company but is likely to include receiving fabric rolls from various suppliers and entering these into a computerized inventory system, then transporting them to the correct storage location. Also likely to include identifying the correct fabric rolls to be pulled for the day's production schedule and transporting fabric to the cutting department. May also include inspecting rolls for defects or inconsistencies.

Education Required

High School or equivalent.

3 Companies Hiring

Craftmaster Furniture / Taylorsville, NC

Jonathan Louis / Los Angeles, CA

Stickley Furniture / Archdale, NC

What does a Fabric Puller/Handler do?

Inventory, handle, inspect, transport rolls of upholstery fabric.

What skills and abilities will I need?

Repetitive pulling and gripping with both hands. Lifting/moving fabric rolls weighing up to 100 pounds. Basic computer skills. Ability to read job tickets. Additional verbal/written communication skills may be necessary. May be expected to recognize defective fabric or identify fabric inconsistencies.

How much training will I need?

Many companies provide on-the-job training for this entry level position.

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